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Queen City Renting

As an independent real estate agent, I am committed to helping people find the right home. My mission is to educate and guide clients as they incorporate real estate into lifelong financial plans. In addition to helping clients buy and sell homes, it is my pleasure to help renters and new residents of the Queen City.

Ways that I help can you as a real estate professional:

· Conduct a needs assessment to better understand your needs and goals

· Match you to property management companies that are more likely to approve you

· Recommend social service organizations that may be able to assist you if needed

· Set you up on a portal through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and send you emails on properties that are a good fit for your needs

· Show you properties that match your needs

· Advocate on your behalf with the property management company during the application process

Three Key Factors

Property management companies look at these things:

--Credit score: typically 600 or better, but call me...I can help!

--Income: most property management companies require that you earn 3x the rent.

--Background, both criminal and rental history


Rental properties in this area are in high demand and do not stay on the market long. Renters must be prepared to apply and pay required fees to secure the property.

Preparation is Key!:

1. Pull your credit report from:

Here you can access all three credit reports for free. Knowing about negative items on your credit will help you to plan and remedy items that may be affecting your scores.

2. Save money for fees and deposits.

a. Application fees range from $25-$80 per person over 18, and all persons 18 and older must submit a(n) application(s). This fee is for credit and criminal history checks.

b. Apartment complexes have administrative fees ranging from $75-$200 on average.

c. Security deposits range from $0 with outstanding credit (at apartments) to a full 2 month’s rent for credit scores under 600.

d. Pet deposits are non-refundable and range from $200-$350 per pet.

3. Collect documents you will need to submit as a part of the application:

a. Social Security number

b. Drivers licenses and/or photo identification

c. W-9 from employer

d. Pay stubs for all people 18 and older who will be residing in the home

e. Bank statements

f. Information on prior residences

g. Child Support letter

h. Benefit statements (social security, military, disability)

i. Offer letter showing proof of new employment

j. Pet information: You may be asked to submit a photo and veterinarian records on your pet(s).

Optional document: Letter from prior landlord stating that you paid on time for the duration of your lease and that you were a good tenant.

Year after year I work with renters in all situations. Reach out, I am here to help you!

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