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Psych Yourself Up for Selling

Get Psychologically Prepared To Sell

Any real estate transaction is a challenge. Add to that the stress of daily life, work, families, responsibilities, life changes of death, divorce, a new baby, a newly empty nest…

Life is hard, wear a helmet. With all the things going on for you, make the transition of home easier on yourself. Consider these ways to #reframe the transaction:

1) Your house is not your home anymore.

“Home” is what you carry with you. The memories are something that you pack up and take with you. The joys, sorrows, love and life are not in the house, it’s in you and your memory. Now, those walls are just a house, it’s a commodity to be traded. It’s important that you make that psychological shift and see it as a product. The quicker you do that, the less stress and anxiety you’ll have in selling. #homeiswheretheheartis

2) Your agent is your teammate.

I am here to help you, guide you, to make this easier for you. I do this every single day, year after year. I’ve worked with clients who lost a parent, have lost a child, going through a separation, finalizing a divorce, having financial challenges due to failing health, just lost a job, and having their grown babies leave the nest. Each of these life challenges make you HUMAN. Humans need kindness and support. I have personally walked through many of these challenges. Lean on me to be your guide and support to help you make the house transition. Trust me that I have your best interests in mind. #trustyourRealtor

What do you really need of this transaction? What’s your motivation? What is your immediate need?

  • Moving for work

  • I need more space for the kiddos

  • Downsizing for space

  • Downsizing to reduce expenses

  • I want something shiny and new

  • My 11 cats need a custom litter suite (me in 10 years)

4) #PrioritizeThis! Based on your motivation / immediate need, what is truly in your best interest?

  • Maximum amount of money

  • Quick sale

  • Maximum exposure to the most people

  • Multiple offers for choice

  • Sell-as is without putting money into cosmetic updates

Emotion and logic are inextricably intertwined. We make decisions based on emotions and gut feelings and back them up with logic. Use both. Not necessarily in that order. Make the shift to think of your house as a product to sell. Shine it up, and don’t take it personally when the feedback comes in. This object is a commodity now. And that’s okay. Take your memories with you and make your new place HOME.

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