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8 Things Sellers Should Leave for New Buyers

Closing day is approaching and you're ready to move on! Here is a quick but important list of items to leave for the new owners:

  • Extra sets of house keys (remember the shed, workshop, lockers, cabinets, too)

  • Garage door openers

  • Owner's manuals and warranties for appliances

  • Numbers to local utility companies: A small courtesy that makes a big difference. Especially internet. Mama needs her Netflix!

  • List of local service providers: Share your favorites! Dry cleaners, HVAC servicing, yard service, plumbers, etc. Remember your local handyman, too. They'll appreciate the references!

  • Security alarm: Leave the code AND the number to the monitoring service. True story: I ripped the security panel off the wall in my first house! #panic

  • Contact information for the Condo or HOA association, if applicable.

  • Smart Home device access. Any devices that are listed as fixtures will need to be reset to the new homeowner. You may need to delete account information and usage data. Contact the manufacturer or the Google machine for more information.

As an agent, I love seeing strange and or outrageously outdated things in houses. ancient security system nuclear codes. :-)

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